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MNT Marketing LLC takes a strategic approach to accelerate your business performance. By developing customized marketing and business development strategies, creating integrated sales and marketing plans, and identifying effective solutions and tactics, MNT Marketing will help optimize all aspects of your business.


Whether you need a marketing strategy to increase sales or promote your products or services, website and social media improvement tips, digital marketing recommendations, or want to take your business to the next level, MNT Marketing will create a tailored marketing plan to achieve your business goals.


With a proven methodology, MNT Marketing can work with you in any capacity that meets your needs and budget – from an outsourced Marketing Director to develop marketing strategies and plans, to a senior level advisor to keep you on track for success, or as a coach teaching you how to market your business on your own.


MNT Marketing brings top-tier marketing expertise and discipline to small businesses, making the path to success easy, understandable, and affordable.

Menu of Services

  • Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

  • Business Development Strategy

  • Brand Positioning & Development Strategy

  • Integrated Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Trade Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Mix Strategy

  • Promotional Strategy

  • Product/Brand/Service Portfolio Management

  • Digital, Email & Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Industry & Consumer Trends Insights

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Sales Analysis & Insights

  • Strategic Sales, Marketing & Promotional Plans

  • Tailored Co-op Marketing & Advertising Plans for Vendor Brands

  • Integrated Sales, Marketing & Promotional Activities Calendaring

  • Marketing Management Planning & Priorities

  • Lead Generation Tactics

  • Online & In-Store Traffic Generation Activities

  • Business Assessment & Optimization Recommendations

  • Co-op Budget & Planning Optimization

  • Digital, Email & Social Media Marketing Best Practices

  • Digital Marketing Copy & Content Ideas

  • Organizational Processes & Procedures

  • Marketing Tools & Tactics to Improve Efficiency

  • Website & Content Assessment & Optimization Recommendations

  • Project Management

  • Problem Solving

  • Advice & Coaching

  • Marketing "How To" Tips & Best Practices

  • I’ll provide a marketing assessment and examine the details of your business and current marketing initiatives.

  • We’ll talk strategy, branding, traditional and digital media, and promotional planning.

  • Then I’ll provide recommendations and an action plan, along with tips and best practices to help drive your business forward.

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